Tuesday, September 2

The lineup doesn't matter, this team continues to pound the baseball

Other teams are learning to fear this lineup.....but multiple times over the last few weeks I've looked at the Sox starting nine and asked "ok, where the hell are we going to get runs from?" Tonight was one of those nights, and just like the others, the Red Sox continue to prove me an idiot. It seems as though you could put 72 year old John McCain in a Boston uniform right now and he'd hit a shot to the right center gap (it would like result in a single, but still).

The long and short of a 14-2 win for the Red Sox is the following:

-EVERYONE is hitting, everyone. Even Coco and Tek......I think the ballgirl hit a tater tonight.

-While the lineup continues with its impressive stats, Sox pitching has been beyond solid (Lester gets his 13th win allowing only 1 run).....(ITM Note: Lester touched 97mph today with his fast ball....in September...that's impressive)

-Kevin Millar still wishes he was in a Boston uniform.

-Afflack remains the worst commercials out there.

-Jacoby Ellsbury makes an unbelievable play every night now.

-Ortiz is quietly hitting the ball very well of late. (hitting .406 in his last 9 games)

-Pedrioa continues to destroy everything in his path. It's been a long time since I've seen a hitter this locked in. Maybe one of those Brian Daubach 2 week streaks 5 years ago could come close.

20 hits later I sit on my couch wondering if this team really can catch the Rays (who are about to lose to the Yanks). It is tough to route for the Yankees, but even a sweep of the Rays doesn't put the Bronx Bombers back in the race.

The Red Sox are now without "Manny", Lowell, Drew and now Youkilis (among others)......but going into tomorrow night's game, I won't be scared about scoring runs.


Anonymous said...

yanks are gonna make a run... do u want mccain or obama>? pedroia should be mvp, look on my site to hear more....

Soxin08 said...

The yanks are going to make a run? At 7 games out of the wild card and 11 out of the division....in September...I don't know Aris, I think the sooner Yankee fans realize their team is done the better off they'll be.

Timothy said...

Far be it from me to ever count the Yankees out...but I think they're pretty much done. The Sox/Twins or White sox would really have to play terrible baseball in September. Probably best if the Yankee fans take an October off and regroup for next season; you know they are going to spend a couple bilion dollars in free agency this off season.

Anonymous said...

hank has big plans for this offseason baby!!!! we gonna win it all next year!!!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Dwight's cousin is awesome. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Weekend schedule should play to our favor. We've got Texas, and while I admit they scare me on account of all that offense, it's not bad. TB's got a fairly hot Toronto and the CWS have LAA. Minnesota should do fine against Detroit, but you never know. I'm hoping we go into Monday with the momentum we ought to. Crossing my fingers.

Derek Vicino said...

I agree about the schedule. The Rays start a real tough road trip, all of their upcoming games are against playoff contenders....this will likely be the hardest of all of their "tests" so far.

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