Monday, September 15

Sox Jump Out Early Against Kazmir

The Red Sox have gotten to Scott Kazmir early...and often. Thanks to home runs from David Ortiz and Mike Lowell, the Sox have opened up a 4-0 lead against the AL East leading Rays. While Dice-K hasn't exactly looked sharp either, he is just doing what he does best....throwing a lot of pitches and getting himself out of jams. Neither pitchers seem comfortable and so far the officiating seems inconsistent....I expect both items to sure up as the series progresses.

This should be a fantastic series, one with boat loads of playoff implications. Even if you're not a fan of either team, you gotta be excited for this three game set.Game on.


Soxin08 said...


11-1 Sox, I can smell the first place tie from here. Nothing like coming out big in game one of a big series.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the Rays schedule to close out? Looks pretty fluffy. Even if they are playing most of those games away. Still, feels good right now.

Insidethemonster said...

I'd agree with both the level of excitement from Soxin08 as well as the fluffness factor of the Rays schedule to close out the season. That said, the Red Sox schedule isn't exactly all that difficult either, consider

Both teams are safe for the playoffs, but it'll come down to who ends up facing the Angels or Whitesox in the first round. I pretty big on the Sox taking the Division and facing the Whitesox (knocking on wood)

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