Thursday, October 30

Boras: "Pinstripes bring out Manny's eyes"

Is it possible that Scott Boras is even more money hungry than Ari Gold? I'm sure Boras doesn't have the same kind of one-liners or the ability to bitch smack someone in their own office and walk out untouched.....but they're both all about the money. If MTV still had the show "celebrity death match" this would be a classic match up....with Ari Gold somehow severing Broas' body for the win. To me, Boras is more like Josh Weistien than Ari, both need a bitch slap of their own.

Anyways, let's get this understood, Manny Ramirez will go to the highest bidder. He has been sounding more and more like his ass clown of an agent lately, even going so far as calling himself a "five tool player" in an interview after his Dodger team got kicked out of the NLCS. Manny has made no secret about it, he's all about Manny being Manny, and all about the money.

From the shady details of the trade deadline deal, to his phantom knee injury, to absolutely torching the NL's weak pitching, Manny is indeed being Manny, but he's also playing the game like his agent. Enter the New York Yankees. It would only be right if the rumors floating along in the New York newspapers were true, that the Yankees might offer up A-rod like numbers to bring the "one tool" player to the Bronx to play right field. Short of the possible LA/Boston world series dream of a few weeks back, this may be the next best thing for the baseball media. Other teams with interest are reportedly the Mets, Dodgers and Bluejays, but none have the ridiculously deep pockets the Yanks have. Depending on who you trust or what day of the week it is, Manny is looking for a 4 to 7 (yes, 7) year deal in the area of 20+ million a year. Not many teams will promise that kind of money for that long of a contract to a 36 year old power hitter. That said, Manny could be lured into a shorter deal that included more money up front. Again, enter the Yankees.

Sadly enough, I could see Manny going to the Yanks and crushing the ball along with the rest of that lineup for the next two years. It would go against every reason why he left Boston, which is not surprising at all....good luck getting "mental peace" in New York buddy.


Amanda said...

So, how do you guys feel about Tek filing for free agency?

D Vicino said...


My apologies for ITM not getting back to you sooner...I somehow missed your comment down here. I think it is safe to say that Tim sums up our feelings on Tek in the article above.....that said, there is certainly more to come.

What's the word on the street down in Tampa in regards to potential moves for the Rays in the off season?

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