Tuesday, October 21

D-Lowe: Boston be my home

According to multiple reports, Derek Lowe has publicly stated that while money is a factor, more than anything he wants to go back to a place that is dedicated to winning, namely the Boston Red Sox. Lowe is putting Boston first on his list of preferred destinations now that he's a free agent.

D-Lowe made 10 million dollars in 2008 but put together a surprisingly good season in Mannywood land, especially down the stretch. He went 14-11, with a 3.24 era, 147 strikeouts and low whip of 1.13.....worth 10 million dollars?...most people say no, but the honest reality is (as Mazz correctly mentioned today) pitching commands a price of nearly one million dollars per win nowadays, amazing really.

As good as it may sound to bring in D-Lowe as a back of the rotation starter, let's remember where he put up those numbers...the NL West...sh*t, the Pirates could contend in the NL West. I think we all know how competitive the AL East will be in 09' and to expect those same numbers out of the 35 year old Lowe would be foolishly optimistic.

Word on the street is Derek Lowe will play for free in Boston and is even willing to pay the Sox if they promise to bring back Kevin Millar as a back up first basemen. Lowe also stated he would want Jacoby to grow out a beard (if possible). More on this story as/if it evolves.


Anonymous said...

I gotta say, D-Lowe gave us some good years but at 36 and coming off 4 years in the NL I don't want to see him back in Boston.

I definately don't want Kevin Millar back so if thats a deal breaker we'll learn to pretend a little longer its not 2004.

Thomas Leonard said...

Knowing Lowe he probably misses a bar around Southie more than anything.

Bring Millar back as a bench coach or something, I love that guy.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely like to see Lowe back. The price tag is admittedly high for a 4th starter, but he is sort of the perfect 4th starter in all other ways. Byrd's going to be gone next year, and it would be great to have that funky Lowe/Wake combination after the top trio.

And also, I know the Millar thing is a joke, but I really would like to have him back. I don't mind pretending it's 2004, as long as it's the right guys around. What's wrong with trying to instill into all our young talent the '04 mindset?

Dale Sams said...

Because our young talent don't *need* a 2004 mindset. They won the WS just fine without it.

No, 'you can never go home again'. Sox need to move on without Lowe...besides I know I wouldn't want my girlfriend or wife around him.

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