Monday, October 20

Going Around the Horn...

As stated just because the Red Sox are done playing baseball until 2009 it doesn't mean there isn't still news to report. Mike Lowell had surgery this morning to repair his torn labrum in his right hip; Red Sox spokesman John Blake said Lowell also had a bone spur removed. Lowell's bat was definitely missed in the ALCS, as Youkilis, Drew and Bay all moved up in the order. Opting for an early surgery should allow Lowell to be back by Spring Training, which is only 4 1/2 months away.

In other news, Daisuke Matsuzaka told Japanese media that he was told he might have closed out game 7 against the Rays if the opportunity presented itself. Jonathon Papelbon was sore from pitching games 5 + 6, he didn't elaborate if it was sore arm or not, but one can assume so. The good news for Pap is he has the entire off season to rest. I was a little surprised to hear this today since Friday was an off day in the series between games 5 and 6, however I suppose at this time of the year everyone is a little banged up and tired, it's a long season.

Dice K said that if given the chance to close out the game, "I would have welcomed such a challenge." What a competitor.

1 comment:

D Vicino said...

Really wish we got to the point to see Dice-K close it out...would have been interesting.

it's officially the off-season though, love the hot stove.

...and at least the Patriots have been surprisingly good so far tonight.

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