Wednesday, October 1

ITM Playoff Predictions:

With the Playoffs about to's about time to take a look at all three ITM contributor's playoff predictions. This post will definitely be referenced in the future as it will hold bragging rights for the person who has the most accurate predictions.....

D. Vicino:

Red Sox over Angels in 4....It appears the Sox will have reasonable health for the series, if Beckett goes in game three, we've got it in 4.

Tampa over Chicago in 4....I hate Ozzie, and I think his team/pitching is simply gassed. Tampa's young confidence will pass another test.


Cubs over the Dodgers in 5 ..... as good as Manny has been, Boston West won't get past a very good Cubs team. Plus I'll be in Chi-town next week, so they better win. (The Cubs may be the most AL-like NL team in a while)

Brewers over the Phillies in 5.....I'm riding the wave here....Brew-crew bats have been hot and CC is a huge horse (that's what she said).

Sox over Tampa in 6...young confidence finally meets its end as Beckett gets us two Ws.


Cubs over Brewers in 5....the wave ends here....CC is spent and the Cubs finally get back to the Show.

World Series:

Sox over the Cubs in me a homer, but I really think this will be an all time great series, with two great teams. I give the edge to the Sox with their three stud starters.

Tim Murhpy:


Sox over Angels 4, Lester wins two games, Beckett pitches game 3. Angels still can't beat the Sox when it counts, at least they don't get swept though.

Rays over White Sox in 4, people have been waiting for them to fail under pressure all year long, hasn't happened yet.


Cubs over Dodgers in 4, too much talent for the Dodgers, too much pitching.

Phillies over Brewers in 5. Sabathia can't pitch every game for the Brew Crew.


Sox over Rays in 7. I'm looking for a great championship series here, should test the limits of each club. Pap on the hill to close it out in Tampa in game 7.

Cubs over Phillies in 6.... Phillies don't have the pitching to win a 7 game series.

World Series:

Sox over Cubs in 6 to Win World Series. the curse of the billy goat continues...sox too much as the American league remains superior. Pedroia is your series MVP. Mark it zero next frame.

Joe Murph:


Sox over Angels in 4. Beckett doesn't pitch, but Lester comes through twice and Wakefield wins Game 3.

Rays in 3. I think it'll take three games before it even sinks in that they're in the playoffs.


Dodgers in 4 over the Cubs. Manny goes 17 for 16 in the series.That's right, 17 for 16. I don't know how, but mark it now.

Brewers over Phillies in 5. I just can't get excited about Philly, but I'm very excited about the Brewers.

Sox in 6. Rays have an early case of nerves, then come back strong, but it's too late. I have absolutely no reason to think they'll be nervous. Hasn't happened all season, but maybe that just means they're due.

Brewers in 7. Sabathia pitches 23 innings.

World Series:

Sox over Brewers in 6.



Anonymous said...

why do u all think the sox r gonna win the world series... idiots

Tim Murphy said...

because we're homers and want them to win the world series, not to mention they're a pretty good team. any other questions you already know the answers too.

D Vicino said...

Why wouldn't we all pick the Sox? No one wants any connection to, or responsibility for, a Sox loss. I don't know about you, but I can't handle that kind of guilt during the offseason.

Plus, they're a pretty damn good team.

Others who have predictions are welcome to post...

byebyeyankees said...

Unfortunately, i'll take the Angels in 5.

Tampa in 4.

Cubs in 4.

Brewers in 5.

Angels over Tampa in 6.

Cubs over Brewers in 5.

and finally the Cubs over the Angels in 6 to finally end their drought.

Anonymous said...

i changed my predictions on my website.. if any one wants to comment please do

i say that im a big yanks fan, but I'm not gonna pick them to win the world series every year... just saying

Anonymous said...

Are you all serious that you expect them to pick against the Sox? You think Cubs blogs are gonna take that chance? Call me old school, but I'm not gonna admit any doubt on it, either. Go Sox.

Anonymous said...

Don't let 'em see you sweat.

Anonymous said...

ha ha shutup

beatintheheat said...


Did ya happen to notice the name of the web site? Or all the links on the left side of the page? Or may be even the fact that most of the entries were posted by people with the last names Murphy? Doesn't that just SCREEEAAAAAAM Irish to you? If you had any type of cultural to geographical match clue about the US, you could probably place them in Boston; or at the very least, the New England area (that's the region where most of the original 13 colonies were founded; you seem to be struggling in that area).

Nonetheless, you really shouldn't have expected anything less. For Christ sakes, I grew up in a corn field, and I didn't have any problem figuring that one out!

displacedsoxfan said...

I'm going with the Red Sox and Dodgers in the WS; with the Sox winning in 7. Manny vs. his old teammates would make for some great T.V. BTW I hate this west coast schedule; tired already and it's only the 3rd;-(

displacedsoxfan said...


What makes you think the Sox won't win the World Series??????? Who's your pick? Let me guess the Phillies right? Yeah, and the Steelers will win the Superbowl and the Flyers will win the Stanley Cup.

D Vicino said...

I'm liking the bickering....good work.

...Beatintheheat...way to bring in the demographic arguement...two Irish names and one Italian (Vicino)...that's pretty much Boston for you.

Displacedsoxfan....I hear company will get a piss poor effort outta me tomorrow

beatintheheat said...

Gonna take............

The BoSox (won in 4 against Anaheim, I mean LA, or is it both?) in 5 against the ChiSox (took the Rays in 5) in the ALCS.

I'll take the Brewers (took the Phils in 5)in 7 against the Cubs (got the Dodgers in 5) for the NLCS.

And the Champion.........

Jessica Alba in 6!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

funny.... idiot

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Dodgers-Sox, too, but if it happens, we'll never get to focus on baseball. There'll be about a million Manny stories swarming the game and the baseball will get swallowed up. That I don't need. We had enough Manny, we need some time to get over him.

Dodgerfan24/7 said...

dodgers are gonna win the world series!

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