Wednesday, October 1

Fighting Phills take on the Brew Crew

The Philadelphia Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers haven't won a playoff game in a combined 41 years, and as they say, somethings gotta give.

The Brewcrew send Yovani Gallardo to the mound in game 1 and the Phillies counter with their ace Cole Hamels. Gallarado is only making his second start since tearing ligaments in his knee, he went 4 innings in his last start giving up 1 run. CC Sabathia is going to start game 2 and 5 (if there is one). Brewers manager Dalve Sveum toyed with the idea of starting Sabathia in every game of the series however he was talked down off that ledge by the GM. The Brewers have to be hoping that Sabbathia can win his two starts and they can somehow squeak another win out in this best of 5 series. I don't know how effective Ben Sheets will be battling an elbow injury and the Phillies will be sending Jamie Moyer out to pitch at some point, he is 72 years old.

Each team has the ability to score a lot of runs. The Phillis line up boasts Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard; it is worth noting that Pat Burrell left after BP yesterday with an injury, I haven't seen a lineup for todays game, no word on if he's playing. The Brewers will look to Prince Fielder (vegetairan?) and Ryan Braun to carry the load.

If the Phillies have the lead late they have one of baseballs best closers in Brad Lidge. Given that he won't have to face Albert Pujoles in this series he should be ok in a save opportunity.

Game 1 is today at 3:05pm at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philly, PA.

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