Tuesday, October 7

Let's Fight....

Call it destiny, call it fate, call it whatever you want, but this is the way the season was supposed to end in the AL....two good teams with bad blood, who know each other inside and out, going head to head, for a chance to get a ring......more ITM coverage to come.....I'm just so excited I had to post something.......Until then, take a look at some great celebration photos from last night (boston.com).


Anonymous said...

Announcers actually had it right last night. Simply stated - Lester is the toughest guy on the field.

DVicino said...

Agreed. The Jon Lester story simply could not get much better. He is our new Josh Beckett...and he has yet to turn 25. I'm sorry but NO ONE saw this kind of season and post season coming.

Another point the announcer correctly stated: "He's one of the most dominate lefties in all of baseball."....spot on.

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