Monday, October 6

Red Sox Going to ALCS

It's going to be Sox-Rays. Just like it ought to be.

None of that 100 win in the AL West junk anymore. The heavyweights of the AL East are going to slug it out to go to the Series. And the best rivalry of 2008 is back, so let the smack-talk begin. Jed Lowrie for Rookie of the Year. Longoria Who? Ozzie Guillen would say F**k the Rays, but then again, Ozzie's going home for the winter.

The Sox punched their ticket in style---a walk off, with Lowrie squeaking a grounder through the right side to score Jason Bay. Bay was on after after his pop fly sliced just out of the reach of Reggie Willits and went into the stands. With one out and Bay on, Mark Kotsay (looking more and more like Jesus, no?) hit a rocket down the first base line, but Mark Teixiera made another diving play to his left to keep the Angels in the game. Then up came the Rookie, and in came Jason Bay. Bay, the Ragin' Canadgin' started his slide about ten yards out and seemed to have an invisible curler sweeping his path. He got a nasty spike to the hand, but when he came up he wasn't feeling anything but postseason glory.

John Lester was the ace again, throwing seven scoreless innings before handing it over to Okie, who got two outs before walking Teixeira. Masterson came in, and a walk, a wild pitch, and a Torii (are you chanting my name? you don't know me, fools) Hunter single tied up the game. In the 9th, disaster loomed when Kendri Morales led off with a pinch-hit double. This was when the ill-fated Willits came in, and when he reached 3rd with one out, the Angels went for the ultimate gutsy play. They went for the squeeze, with the ALDS on the line. Mike Scioscia has big iron balls. But Delcarmen cut one hard past a baffled Aybar, and Varitek came out like a bat out of hell. Seriously, the man was possessed. Gear clanking, knees creaking, Tek ran Willits down and squeezed it long enough for the umps.

That was all the momentum the Sox needed. The new blood took care of the rest.

With any luck, the Sox'll take that magic right down to Florida. And with a little more luck, we'll get to enjoy another round of October baseball like the one we just had. Full of heroes, nerves, latenights, Lester and lots of Papelbon-sprayed champagne.

Bring it on Rays. Let's show the NL what October passion looks like. If you show up to the ballpark, that is. I expect this ALCS to be a blast. Go Sox.


D Vicino said...

Did Ozzie really say F*ck the Rays? I certainly don't doubt it.

Totally agree about the best rivarly in 08...this should be a great series...

As exciting as tonight's game was...Longoria gets rookie of the year....Jacoby should get some votes but needed a higher average...I can't remember at this point if Alexi Ramirez is considered a rookie this year, but he's impressive and has a ton of upside.

anyways, sleeps for this guy in chicago...a city that will hate me tomorrow with my red sox hat on...can't wait to get back to boston for a great weekend of baseball.

any thoughts on rotations???

Tim Murphy said...

Lester is turning into quite the post season pitcher, 2 starts and no runs in 14 innings pitched this october.

Sox vs Rays should be an all out war, naturally I'm sticking with my pick of the sox, probably won't be going to bed before 1am anytime soon.

Pedroia starting to hit too, watch out.

I called the suicide squeeze attempt...I'm now cold calling teams looking for a manager next season.

Tim Murphy said...

...and why the hell is the judge from American Idol doing "there's only one October" commercials, who's worse him or Dane Cook?

Joe Murph said...

Alexei Ramirez is still considered a rookie. Guillen said F**k the Cubs, which is even more inflammatory, obviously. And I don't know what the hell TBS is doing having Randy Jackson in those ads. That was him, right?

Anonymous said...

Rays and Sox is definitely the right matchup. It's gonna be vicious. Can't wait for it to start.

Harold from St Pete said...

You are right this is how it should be . But how can any reasonable person say that Longoria isn't rookie of the year?
It make everything you say after that suspect. I understand homerism and all that but please... Your blog has been balanced and exciting but jeez don't pollute it now. the best acls in a long time about to start with the best two teams dukeing it out. The World Champions against the upstarts. If the Bosox win The Rays still had a good run. If the Rays win they beat the best team to get there. ENjoy people. No need to be a hater.

Harold from St Pete said...

Oh By the Way, We will be there. You tell them we're coming. You tell them we're coming and we're bringing our cowbells with us.

Tim Murphy said...

I won't speak for Joe Murph and his post last night but I'm pretty sure he being sarcastic and playful with his Longoria and Ozzie comments. Naturally we want the Sox to win, however I think Joe was just appealing to the competitive nature in all of us. Longoria is the rookie of the year, I wouldn't take it to heart.

And if I'm wrong, F the Rays! playball

Harold from St Pete said...

Bring it baby
Buck Foston.

Joe Murph said...

Tim Murph was right. Just sarcasm. Longoria is the ROY hands down. See the post earlier in the week about him being something special---not just a star, but a potential October star. Big difference. And I'm jealous that you have him. That said, Jed Lowrie was maybe my favorite person in the world all day.

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