Monday, December 8

All is quiet in Vegas

...never thought I'd ever use that phrase, but apparently, it is true. The first full day of the 2008 winter meetings is coming to a close and especially from a Red Sox standpoint, it has been quite uneventful.

Theo made a brief appearance and attempted to calm the story-starved Boston media by saying "prepare to be underwhelmed"....I can hear Mazz following up with a girlie-voiced question from here in Boston. Theo followed with "We're not really optimistic about our chances of getting anything done while we're here.l'' Sure it is Theo's job to keep any and all inside information just that...inside information, but it sure seems like the only deals coming out of these winter meetings may be small as groundwork for the larger deals is developed. It could all change quickly however...

ITM Winter Meetings update:

-Despite conflicting reports, it is understood that the Sox met with C.C. Sabthia today. This appears to be nothing but an opportunity for Boston to increase the price and pressure for the pudgy (can pudgy be giving this guy the benefit or what?). To be honest, I don't want Boston to pursue that price, with that body, and with the way he has been handle over the past two years (massive innings)...I'll stick with what we have and pursue a hitter or two.

-The Yankees also met with CC this morning, and reports coming out of the meeting indicate it went "great". Go for it NY, blow your load on this guy and then boo him when he shoulder falls off in June.

-Jake Peavey wants nothing to do with the AL...and why would he? If you were the best quarterback at a division 2 school, would you really want to come to division 1 and get hit?

-Julio Lugo couldn't get an offer from the Lowell spinners....the Sox are trying to move him, but there is simply no market. The only team the Sox were hoping to push him on, the Tigers, appear close to landing Adam Everret.

-Word on the street is Derek Lowe is drunk and walking around the Bellagio in a I heart Boston t-shirt.

More to come if/when it develops from Sin City.....

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