Tuesday, December 9

Sox Sportin' New Uniforms in 2009?

The Red Sox reportedly plan to unveil a new logo and an alternate uniform on Thursday. The Pride of Hyde Park Manny Delcarmen, potential Hall of Famer Jim Rice, and tv color analyst and President of Red Sox Nation Jerry Remy will be in the house for the announcement.

My immediate reaction is light something on fire, although I've seen no definite logo changes I've heard and read ownership is thinking of scrapping the traditional Boston B with the twin red socks (see picture). I myself would choose to remove the New Era stickers before wearing a new hat, however to each his own. Another popular rumor is that the alternative uniform is changing from the red jersey to something new, hopefully it's not pink.
This appears to be nothing more then ownership attempting to make a few more bucks, and it will probably work, cha-ching. If they are looking at adding a revenue stream because they are about to sign a big free agent...say Mark Teixiera, that will soften the blow, however overall I'm not thrilled with the idea of a new logo.

This is undoubtedly going to piss off many in Red Sox Nation, myself included. I am reminded of improvements Ownership has made to Fenway Park, and the surrounding area which have led to more money and 2 World Series titles, although I'm not ready to jump on board with a logo change.

ITM will cover the unveiling on Thursday.


DVicino said...

I'm not wild about this, but I feel as though our parents and grandparents will be especially mad....to quote the Simpsons.."shake harder boys".

The logo I might be able to get used to (with time), it's not a terrible change, but a change nonetheless...the changing of the uniform colors could me more difficult to swallow.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, this is just a hat for an alternative uni, not the main uniform.

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