Tuesday, December 23

Nats Increase Offer for Teixeira

According to news coming out of the Mid Atlantic....the Nats have increased their proposal offer to MarkTeixeira, which is now reportedly an eight-year deal worth $178-184m. Word is also swirling that Washington is willing to go nine years and there's even been talk of a 10-year deal.

If we can take this as truth, it could push the Red Sox right back into the negotiations, or eliminate them completely. It is my opinion that if the Nats increase the years of the offer to nine or ten, the Red Sox selling point of playing on a winning team in Boston is overruled by an extended offer with more guaranteed money. The Sox have clearly stated they are not willing to go over eight years, which is already a significantly longer time frame than Boston prefers to lock players up for (pitchers no more than 5). 200+ million for nine or ten years is a lot of money and liability to lock up on a player who will be turning 29 by the time next season opens. If he was 25, that would be a different story. If the Nats do indeed offer him ten years at 22 or 23 million per, I don't fault the Sox for walking away from the table.

SI.com's Jon Heyman wrote last night that "things appear to be heating up in the Mark Teixeira talks, and baseball people believe now that Teixeira will have a new team before Christmas." The window is closing, and much like my Christmas shopping, it doesn't appear all that close to being done.

ITM Note:

According to Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees have no offers on the table to either Teixeira or Manny "i'm a five tool player" Ramirez. He did not rule out making an offer to either player but said, "There've been no offers made [since last week's news conference]." Brian Cashman has refused to comment on whether the Yankees plan on extending an offer to Teixeira or Ramirez or both.

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Anonymous said...

he can't possibly go to the Nationals....can he?? What a joke/let down that would be.

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