Sunday, December 21

Tim Brown: Angels withdraw offer to Teixeira

According to Yahoo! Sport's Tim Brown, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have withdrawn their offer to free agent Mark Texieira. It was believed that the Halos were the next team in line to land the 28 year old first baseman once the Red Sox publicly walked away from the table late Friday night.

According to multiple sources, the Angels had an offer of around 160 million dollars for Teixeira's services over the next 8 years. Now it appears that the offer is no longer there....a source told Yahoo! Sports this afternoon that the Halos would not re-enter the bidding for Teixeira, whom they acquired from the Atlanta Braves at the trading deadline.

What happens now? Good question. Many sources are reporting that the Sox have not rescinded their offer completely, only stating that they are not willing to be pushed any further. Their offer is believed to be in the area of 170-180 million dollars over 8 years, Scot Boras has made it clear that as of right now, Teixeira is looking for 195 to 200 million (it must be nice to be fussing over 10-15 million in this economy).

ITM has continued to state that we expect Boston to still be an active part of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes. Perhaps the Angel's actions this evening will drive Boras shamefully back into Boston's hands.....but something tells me he will give Brian Cashman a call first.....stay tuned.


Bobby V. said...

The twists and turns with this saga are unreal! What now Boras?!

Anonymous said...

All I know is if texiera takes the higher offer from the nats - I wouldn't want his type on the sox anyway. A la ARod. All the talk about him being such a businessman leads me to believe this is just a job for him and the highest bidder will win his services. With the Angels out I see no reason why he shouldn't be in a sox uniform. The nats probably don't even have anything on the table - just boras being an clowntown

Anonymous said...

Boras is bad for baseball. This mess of a process just continues to confirm that. I hope Tex fires him.

DVicino said...

Boras will probably sell the rights to a movie film from this negotiation.

It'll come down to the money....if Teixeira is serious about winning like he says he is...he'll take 10 million less to come to Boston.....assuming the Nats or O's offer the 195 million deal he wants....(and hopefully the Yanks stay on the sideline)

Anonymous said...

Joe Murph here: Anyone willing to make a prediction? Based completely on hunch/feeling/gut?

I say the Nats have over 200m on the table somehow and Tex takes it.

And thus the Texas Rangers find their soulmate.

DVicino said...

Call me a homer...or a victim of blind optimism...but I still have a gut feeling he'll come to Boston.

I just can't see why anyone would want to play baseball for the Nats and not the Red Sox for the long term...even with hometown considerations and an extra 10-15 million (if they can offer that).

Then again, Miguel Tejada wasted away in Baltimore....

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