Wednesday, January 7

Boras and the BoSox

Yesterday the New York Yankees finally introduced Mark Teixeira to the media yesterday and Scott Boras was at his side. From all accounts it seems that Teixeria was going to sign with the Yankees all along. Multiple reports site that Boras was stringing the Sox along in the final days while he finalized the details of the contract with the Yankees. The way everything went down it was certainly a surprise, but I'm left wondering if the relationship between Boras the the Red Sox has been fractured.

The Red Sox will do business with Scott Boras again, they have no choice, he just represents too many players. They can't afford to act like 6th grade girls and give Boras the silent treatment. Theo knows this, he's a lot smarter then me.
However this isn't the first time Boras and the Sox have butted heads in negotiations. Recall Johnny Damon bolted for New York and Boras never called the Sox with the opportunity to make a counter offer (not that they would have in my opinion). The Dice K deal almost never happened at all, and what was the name of that guy who wanted a new contract in the middle of the season, Manny? I firmly believe Boras' hands were all over that one.

Looking ahead, Boras also represents Jason Varitek. Curious that Tek is still unsigned with about 5 weeks until Spring Training, do the Sox want to bring him back? Personally I think Theo and Boras are about 2 years and 30 million dollars apart on a deal, and Theo isn't blinking. There is no market for Varitek and I still think he ends up back in Boston, Josh Bard is not your 2009 starting catcher.

With all that said, what is the relationship between Boras and the Sox? I think the Red Sox Brass trust him a lot less then they did before the Teixeira deal, how much the trusted him before is another matter. Certainly Boras was working the Yankees the entire time and used the Sox to get his client $180 million. The Red Sox Brass will never say so, but I think a cell phone or two was broken after this one.

I'm not an insider, but I would imagine the next time Theo and Boras are in a room together Theo is going to remember the Teixeira negotiations quite vividly.

ITM News and Notes

- The Giants have reportedly walked away from the Manny Ramirez table, too rich for their blood. Personally I would like Manny Ramirez to take the year off and go full time on the show "who's line is it anyway." Imagine a skit involving Manny giving commentary on baseball game from the view point of a pigeon, just Manny being Manny.

- Derek Lowe, Ben Sheets, Bobby Abreu and plenty of other good players looking for big deals are still on the market, there might be something to this recession thing.

- Peter Gammons presents the Hot Stove Cool Music this Saturday in Boston. During the day Gammons, Theo Epstein and many others will have a round table discussion on baseball at Fenway Park. Later that night at the Paradise Rock Club Gammons and many others will rock out for charity. Visit for more details.

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