Wednesday, January 7

Suspicious Movements in Yankees Outfield

According to recent reports coming out of SI, the NYY may be looking to move corner outfielders. Specifically, they are looking for offers on Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady. The former is no surprise after the Teixeira signing. The latter became a fast fan-favorite in NY, but the Yankees may believe that last season's performance was a ceiling and are looking to sell high.

That would leave the Yankees with Damon, Matsui (no-trade clause), Cabrera, and Gardner for their outfield. Considering the health concerns of Damon and Matsui, the Yankees would much prefer them to at least begin the season in a DH/outfield platoon. As for Melky and Gardner, clearly the team thinks they can do better. Which begs the question that has lit up Yankees blogs this afternoon...

Are the Yankees making room for Manny? With each day that passes, it's more and more of a buyer's market on Manny, and if the Yankees are in fact interested in moving both Swisher and Nady (and not one or the other), then it would seem quite plausible that the Yankees are situating themselves to make the signing.

And come on, let's be honest, Sox fans, you've pretty much assumed for the last four or five months that this was how it would all end, didn't you?


Tim Murphy said...

I've been waiting for the breaking news that the Yankees have agreed to terms with Manny Rameriz, so this isn't unexpected.

If ManRam did end up in NY it would add some spice to the rivalry, something missing since 2004-2005.

Soxin09' said... sounds like you almost want this to happen....say it ain't so!

Tim Murphy said...

I'm torn, it makes the Yankees better, but the prospect of throwing batteries at Manny when he visits Fenway is tempting...

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