Wednesday, January 21

Going Around the Horn...

Far be it for the Boston Red Sox to do anything quietly. The Red Sox will pack all their equipment up for Spring Training on Friday February 6 for what has become to be known as "Truck Day". No players are expected to be in attendance, and why would they, however this event has attracted fans in years past.

Walley the Green Monster and other Red Sox staffers will see the equipment truck off from Fenway Park. With the most recent unemployment figures Red Sox officials expect attendance to be up at this years Truck Day.

The truck is scheduled to arrive in Fort Myers on Monday, February 9, pitchers and catchers are expected to report Thursday, February 12, 3 days later.

ITM News and Notes:

-Tickets for the 2009 season will go on sale this Saturday 1/24. Prices have stayed the same this year however I still maintain the best seat is in your living room, unless you're fortunate enough to get Green Monster tickets (which aren't on sale this Saturday anyway).

-The Sox traded pitcher Dave Pauley to the Orioles for relief pitcher Randor Beird. Beird was 0-2 last year with a 4.91 ERA in 29 appearances. Personally I'll miss Pauley spot starts, no one got called up from Pawtucket quite like him!

-David Aardsma was traded to the Seattle Mariners for left handed pitcher Fabian Williamson. Williamson is 20 years old and has only pitched in the minors, however he has struck out 144 batters in 124 innings so perhaps the Red Sox scouts see something there.

-Finally, Curt Schilling is going to do more then just blog for local radio station WEEI. Schilling is scheduled to join the Big Show with the Big O live in studio once a month, as well as interviews via the phone with multiple shows on the station. I like the baseball knowledge Schill brings to the table but to hear him spout his opinion makes me want to drive off the highway sometimes. As far as for the rest of the talent on WEEI its probably best if I reserve comment.


DVicino said...

I will never forget what Curt Schilling did for this team....but I can absolutely understand why most other teams/fans hate him.

I'm not sure how much i'll be tuning into his EEI segments....maybe once or twice and that'll be all I can handle.

Thomas Leonard said...

As if the republican sports hour they call a morning show wasn't bad enough.

For the love of God EEI mandate that hence forth there shall be no mixing of sports talk radio and conservative talk radio. It's hard enough to stomach either on their own.

Also the title was a nice ear tug there Tim.

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