Tuesday, January 20

Pap Avoids Arbitration, Gets a One Year Deal

Theo has somehow managed to avoid player arbitration yet again. According to Sean McAdam, Papelbon has agreed to a one year deal worth $6.25 million. The Red Sox also reached an agreement with reliever Jaiver Lopez for $1.35 million.

I've got to give it to Theo on this one, I personally thought Papelbon could be the one player who got past Red Sox management and went on to salary arbitration. In recent weeks Cinco Ocho has articulated his intent to help "set the bar" for fellow closers in the game. Other media sources were reporting as recently as this morning that arbitration could be the only way through a potential agreement, but things obviously changed quickly this afternoon.

Pap's deal is undoubtedly a large increase over last year's salary of $775,000, but falls short of making him one of the highest closers in the game. The agreement places Pap as the 11th highest paid closer in baseball, based on average annual pay.

Javier Lopez also saw a significant pay increase, he was paid $840,000 in 2008 (yes, more than Pap).

Without doing much research I believe this locks down all salary arbitration-eligible players on the Red Sox.....now if we could only address that situation behind the plate.


Tim Murphy said...

I wouldn't mind the Sox locking Pap up for 3 years 24 million, something around that. He's one of the best closers in the game right now.

That said his ERA was 5+ last septemeber and he was complaing about soreness in the playoffs, I wouldn't be surprised if the Sox are more carefull with him this year.

Joe Murph said...

Note, too, that Pap made out pretty good in this. It's the third-highest deal for any player entering into arbitration eligibility for the first time.

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