Sunday, January 25

Offer on the Table

According to multiple outlets, the Red Sox have made a formal offer to Varitek. The Sox are waiting to hear, but if, as reports indicate, the deal includes a guaranteed second year, or even incentives that could yield a guaranteed second year, then it's difficult to imagine 'Tek turning them down again.

News is expected soon. This appears to be a firm offer, not a jumping off point for negotiations. Frankly, the Sox are in a very good negotiating position and 'Tek is probably just hoping for an offer that allows him to save some face out of this debacle. Pitchers and catchers is right around the corner, and both sides are eager to have this behind them.

Much more from ITM on the Sox catcher situation as the story develops.

1 comment:

D Vicino said...

Late last night some articles were reporting 'Tek was looking for 10-12 million per .... which he will definitely not get. I doubt the Red Sox will offend him with an extremely low offer, but it'll be significantly less than that...I hope.

The question becomes, will the Sox be content with a 'Tek/Bard split for the next season (or two)...

.....I still want Salty.

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