Saturday, January 24

Varitek Talks Continue....No Deal in Sight.

According to the Boston Herald this morning, discussions between the Red Sox, Scott Boras and Jason Varitek continue, however there is no potential deal in sight. According to super agent (and super chooch) Scott Boras; “(Red Sox general manager) Theo (Epstein) and I are talking and we are exchanging offers." Theo himself declined to comment at all....and so the saga continues.

Boras has clearly dropped the ball on the Varitek negotiations, after declining arbitration that would have likely paid the 37 year old captain 10-12 million this season, no other serious offers have come in from around the league. With no significant offers out there in the market, the Red Sox appear to be holding strong in not increasing their offer. Regardless of how it plays out and what uniform he is wearing come April, Varitek will be taking a significant pay cut this year.

The Red Sox appear to be willing to take their time in resolving perhaps their last remaining issue of the off season. Their efforts to acquire a young, talented catcher have been slowed by high demands. The Sox are loaded with young pitching prospects but Theo seems unwilling to part with more than one for any potential catcher. Most in Red Sox Nation favor acquiring Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Salty) as he holds the biggest offensive upside while being solid defensively. Plus, the guy has an awesome name, married one of his high school teachers, and is only 23 years old...what's not to love?

My opinion remains strong on this one, bring back Tek at a reduced (but acceptable) rate, and if it takes sacrificing two of your young arms to bring in Salty, do it. A talented and young catcher carries far more value than a young arm these days. Split Salty and Tek's time over the 2009 season to keep Tek fresh and Salty on a steep learning curve......but maybe that's too much to ask.

To be perfectly honest, I'm sick and tired about writing about this topic, either put negotiations on hold until spring training when you can reassess your young pitchers or get something done in the near future so ITM can move on. Do it for us at this point will ya?


Anonymous said...

FYI. Salty won't be 24y/o until May.

D Vicino said...

Thanks for the heads up on the typo...I must have had Taylor Teagarden on the mind (who actually is 25).

Either way, Salty is young, and i'd love to have him in a red sox uniform in 2009, alongside 'Tek.

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