Tuesday, January 20

Six Degrees of Obama (to the Red Sox)

ITM can't deny it---today is one day where the Sox are playing second fiddle. This day belongs squarely to President Obama. But that doesn't mean we can't bring our boys into the conversation.

So, a little game for ITM. Six degrees from Obama to the Red Sox. Comment here with your best connections. And don't give me weak ones like "Obama attended a Sox-Sox game in 2001." I want real connections, and better yet obscure ones.

I'll kick it off with one out of my field: Obama's reputed "top" (in quotations because who really knows) choice for the Supreme Court is Harold Koh, who was in a Yale Law study group with...Larry Lucchino.

That's a nice-and-tidy three-way, but I'd like to see something more intricate if you can.


DVicino said...

Not going to lie, i've been thinking about this from time to time throughout the day today, and i'm coming up empty....way to stump em joe, way to stump em.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Chief of Staff is Rahm Emanuel, Emanuel's brother Ari is the real-life inspiration for Ari Gould on Entourage, Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari Gould, was in Smokin' Aces with Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck once did color commentary for the Sox where he said that the Sox had made a mockery of Lou Merloni's career by sending him so often to the minors, and Louuuuuuu snapped back that the real mockery was Affleck's last four movies.

Beat that.

DVicino said...

Ari Gold is the best character on TV...you win.

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