Wednesday, February 11

Abreu to Angels

Bobby Abreu has reportedly signed a 1 year deal with the Angels, worth approximately $5 m. Abreu began the offseason (after the Yankees declined to offer him arbitration) asking for multiple years at somewhere around his Yankees salary of $16m, but it soon became apparent that the corner outfielder market just didn't have the legs of seasons-past, especially when you didn't have the Yankees contending for your services.

Abreu joins a solid Angels outfield that already includes Guerrero, Hunter, Rivera, and (sometimes) Matthews, Jr. Abreu may very well provide the Angels with something of the added pop they've been looking for the last couple years.

While he doesn't reproduce what they got from Texeira the last few months of '08, Abreu has been an extremely consistent run producer. He's currenly running a streak of 6 seasons in a row driving in over 100 rbis. His power numbers have generally hovered between 20 and 30 homers.

Not bad for $5m. This may very well prove to be one of the biggest steals of the offseason.


D Vicino said...

I love the fact that ITM is breaking news before it hits ESPN and others...good work Joe.

Great deal for the Halos, Bobby brings constant production and helps to fill in offensive holes in their lineup.

More breaking news, Adam Dunn has just agreed in principle with the take him off the Red Sox radar...not that he was ever really on it.

Rich V said...

Question to the ITM staff - who would you rather have at 5 million - Bobby Abreu or good ole Tek.

Joe Murph said...

I'll take Abreu. I didn't get around to adding my two cents when we were debating 'Tek the first go around, but basically I think that over the last year or so I've become a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the defensive intangibles at the catcher's position. I don't doubt it has some value, but I'm not sure how much. Sure a new catcher's gonna have a drop off with the pitching staff, but really I think it's mostly just a matter of time 'til he reaches a level where you're not missing out a whole lot. So, I'll take Abreu and the steady production for $5m. Hands down.

Dale Sams said...

I'll take Tek, Abreu can't catch, and even if we took Abreu, where is he going to play?

Tim Murphy said...

Gotta love Abreau's numbers, 100 runs/year on average and a career OBP of .405, right up Theo's ally. $5 million is a bargin for the Halos.

That said, the Sox don't have a spot for Abreau, maybe instead of signing Rocco they could have made a pitch for him however I think Abreau probably wants to play everyday. Also he was probaly holding out as late as he could in hopes of a big deal, which he didn't really get.

Tek is Tek, expectations are low and I think everyone expects Theo to bring in a young kid for Tek to tutor, we'll see how it all plays out.

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