Saturday, February 14

Delcarmen: "I want to set up Pap"

The competitive juices are already flowing down in Ft. Myers. Last night, after work outs, Manny Delcarmen openly stated he wants the set up man job in front of Papelbon. Delcarmen certainly improved last year in the bullpen, showing flashes of brilliance at times, but he has yet to find the consistency most are looking for to fill the set up man job.

The late season emergence of Justin Masterson and off season acquisitions of Ramon Ramirez and Takashi Saito makes this some what of an interesting comment...but I like the competitive fire he is showcasing. Delcarmen spent the off season working on gaining consistency and command of his curve ball, an off-speed pitch that could prove pivotal to keep hitters from sitting on his 96 mph fastball.

Click on the link below to hear Delcarmen talk about the set up man job.....thanks to Mike Petraglia for the interview...

ITM Note: Jason Varitek is due to speak to the media soon down in Ft. Myers, we'll be sure to summarize once it's available.


Anonymous said...

what are your predictions d vicino? mine are on my site... i love the site...

D Vicino said...

Aris....ITM will be formally posting our predictions in the coming weeks. We're trying to wait out any last minute deals/injuries before making our decisions. I'd say keep checking back and we'll have them out sooner than later.

What's your blog's address again?

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