Friday, February 13

Smoltz Speaks to the Media

I'm joining the lengthy list people who think John Smoltz will be the best signing of the off season. A few weeks back Theo was raving about Smoltz's arm and shoulder strength, saying it was maybe the strongest on the team; side note Smotlz is 41 years old.

Secondly, I think the Smoltz signing is very similar to Schilling in 2004; he's a veteran arm who's pitched big games in October and won them. Although Smoltz won't be joining the big club until June due to rehabbing his surgically repaired shoulder, I expect him to add a lot to an already formidable Sox rotation.

Last year before getting hurt Smotlz had a 2.57 ERA striking out 36 versus 8 walks in 28 innings pitched. That's not a large sample size, but it does tell me two things. One, his sinker was still sinking at the age of 40, and two he's still making his pitches. We've seen older veteran pitchers make due and pitch okay, I think Smoltz can win 10+ games when he finally makes his debut.

Today Smotlz spoke with the media and had this to offer:

On Jon Lester's performance last season, "I'm not blown away by too much, but I love watching playoff baseball if I'm not in it, and what these guys have done, especially Jon Lester. What he did last year, I sat there with my mouth open cause that time of year you're not supposed to be doing what he did. That's a tribute to his success and his ability to rise up."

Smoltz also touched on his disappointment with the Atlanta Braves and the way they handled his departure. "The reason I was disappointed was the reaction, or should I say the statements that they put out, which just weren't true. This could have been a peaceful departure, as in any other times in the past it would have been...I was very disappointed by the way they handled it. Not the fact that I'm not there, it's just the way they handled it. They had to do what they had to do, and certainly so did I. I'm presented with the greatest opportunity of a lifetime, if you ask me."

I'm certainly glad Smoltz is in Boston, however it would have been great to see him finish his career in an Atlanta Braves uniform. No doubt Smoltz will wear a Braves hat in Cooperstown one day, hopefully the Sox can get him 1 more World Series ring before he retires.

ITM news and notes:

The Captain made an appearance today in Fort Myers, that's right Tek was on the field. Word from Florida is Tek will talk to reporters tomorrow, that should be a circus.

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