Thursday, March 12

Pedroia: "Derek Jeter can't do push ups"

The most covered story of the day is Pap throwing Manny under the bus....but to be honest, i'm sick of talking about that guy from Washington Heights......and i'm also a little tired of Pap running his mouth lately.

....A topic of conversation ITM had while down in Ft Myers was what Dusty would be like in the WBC clubhouse. Would he be more subdued and take it all in? Or use it as a chance to absolutely rag on a new set of players? Seems like we have our answer. With a locker right next to Derek Jeter, it didn't take Pedey long to get the jokes going. He is blogging about his WBC experience on, here is an excerpt from today:

"So this is how the game went during Monday’s workout: Each of us taking batting practice can’t hit a ball foul or it will cost five push-ups. Then if we hit a ball we think is going out you have to call it, but if it doesn’t go out then that will cost you five push-ups."
"I end up hitting a couple of line-drives that hit the top of the fence that I thought were gone. So I did my push-ups … real push-ups. Derek Jeter? Well, he didn’t really go down all the way. I’m not a trainer or anything, but those weren’t push-ups."

He went on to say he respects the hell out of Jeter, but can't help but zing him at every chance he can. Pedey also mentioned David Wright has been the target of many of his jokes as well "because it's just too easy". Way to be Pedey, give those New Yorkers hell.....

....and is there anything better than Pedey's newest MLB Live Commercial??...guy is hilarious...


Dale Sams said...

Hopefully that commercial won't get Pedey a 95mph fastball in the face this year.

As for Paps....25 post-season innings without an earned run means he gets to say anydamnthinghepleases.

D Vicino said...

Dale...pretty sure everyone understands the commericals are jokes...and they've been amazingly popular thus's that competitive fire that Pedey has which makes it so funny.

As for Pap...I love the guy, I really do, you can't argue with his amazing numbers. BUT come on, why rip the guy after he's long gone, hard to find? If he's that upset with Manny why didn't he bring it up while he was here? I just don't know why he has to answer any and every question asked to him with no filter. For me, it's the topic more than anything, just let it go.

....that rumors that the Dodgers are interested in bringin Pedro to LA...oh boy.

Dale Sams said...

Funny thing is Pedroia is right. I've seen him turn on plenty of pitches inside at eye-level.

As for the 'pitch in the face' comment....I meant, I hope pitchers don't think "Maybe he can't hit that pitch" and accidentally plunk him in the head.

Joe Murph said...

How long until DP's hosting SNL? I'll bet it happens.

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