Friday, March 13

Spring Training MVP, Lugo Has MRI

I knew it. ITM was clearly too optimistic on Julio Lugo for 2009. "Grapefruit League MVP" we said, "he finally got the wake up call" we thought....we'll take the blame for this one. Julio Lugo, who is batting .450 thus far in spring training, played in the top half of the first inning in tonight's 8-4 win against the Yanks, but was quickly taken out and replaced by Ivan Ochoa. (Random thought, remember Alex Ochoa the right fielder?...guy had a cannon, is he still alive these days?)

Anyways, Lugo complained of recent knee pain that really sparked up early in tonight's game. It's unclear how serious the injury is, in all likelihood this is mainly a procausionary measure, but we'll know more when the results come in. Most likely tomorrow.

Somewhere in Ft Myers, Jed Lowrie is dreaming of the starting role.... More as it develops.

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DVicino said...

oddly per Wikipedia (which is never wrong), Alex Ochoa is now an assistant coach for the Red Sox. Helping in pre game prep work....not bad.

No relation to Ivan.

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