Saturday, April 11

Angels Win With Heavy Hearts: 6-3

The Angels couldn't lose this game. Not after all they have been through over the last 48+ hours, not after an emotional pregame dedication to Nick Adenhart whose 22 year-old life came to a tragic end two nights ago. The Angels were not going to lose this game, it was written.

As big of a Sox fan as I am, I can't help but being totally ok with the Angels dominating the Red Sox last night....well, maybe not totally, but you get the picture. As we all know by now, Tim Wakefield can be a hit and miss pitcher, last night, he missed. It was a struggle all night for Wake, meanwhile the Sox lineup made Jared Weaver look like the second coming of Cy Young. The Sox made it somewhat interesting in the late innings against the Halos bullpen, just interesting enough to keep me awake and frustrated until 1:30 am when I should have been in Faneuil Hall watching all the drunk people fight. The Sox lost 6-3, and I didn't get to see kids from the north shore fight each other, tough night all around.

So the Sox have lost three in a row, that's called a losing streak (please pick up on the Major League quote, please). Naturally that requires us here at ITM to call each other and hash out our thoughts on all things Red Sox. I'll spare you all the gruesome details and senseless movie quotes that make no sense....but here is one item we're contemplating:

The strike zone. Yes it's early in the season, and we're likely overreacting to a difficult start and trying schedule out of the gate, but hasn't the strike zone seemed much bigger thus far this year? Boston has certainly benefited from some of the calls, but for a team built on plate discipline, they appear to be struggling with what seems to be an expanded strike zone (see Jacoby and Jed Lowrie especially). The Sox have struck out 27 times in 4 games, 7 of which have come from the short stop. The offense clearly isn't clicking, but they've faced a combination of tough pitching and interesting umpiring, it'll all even out in time.

-ITM note, the Sox get the Rays and the Angels while the Yanks play the O's and KC? It would've been nice for the Sox to build some momentum and confidence with early series against those cupcakes.

(thanks to ESPN for the pic).

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DVicino said...

Two other quick things I should have mentioned:

1: George Kottaras looked good catching Wake, not allowing a single passed ball all night. He also managed to get one of the Sox 7 hits.

2. Masterson's sinker was not sinking and for the first time in recent memory, he got hit hard in the relief role, ultimtely putting hte game out of reach for the Sox.

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