Friday, April 10

Captain, Oh Captain

Jason Varitek is a driven man, one who strives to be the most well prepared catcher in the game. Combine that with a pitching staff that has to be considered among the best in the game, and you've got a good thing going when the starting 9 are in fielding position.

But you've got to think Tek has even more driving him this year, mostly a desire to prove everyone (ITM included) wrong. Yesterday, Tek hit ANOTHER tater, again catching many of us by surprise....and from the left side nonetheless. It forced us all to remember that he somehow hit 5 taters this preseason and may have even caused a flicker of optimism among Red Sox Nation for their aging captain.

Here are my quick thoughts on Tek. ...Tim Murphy has called for an even worse year out of the captain (ITM note, he has also called for most of his predictions to fail). I believe Tek will hit around .240 or .245 this year, with slightly better production numbers as a result of a deeper, healthier line up in front of him, and less external distractions from his personal life. However, my real concern is how he gets to those numbers. Tek always comes into the season in good shape, and this year is no different. He could very well have a good first half of the year, but let's face it, he's another year older and the grind of being a catcher will likely effect his second half, and hopeful post season numbers. If the Sox are coming down the stretch with Tek out of gas, swinging a slow bat, and hitting .120 in August, September and into October, what's the net gain of slightly better numbers? (keep in mind, over the last three years, Tek has had a average of .210 in September).

I see nothing wrong with some cautious optimism for Tek, like I said, he's a driven man with a lot to prove, any additional production out of him this year is a bonus, but I have sincere concerns about him down the stretch. For now, let's enjoy Tek's "resurgence". I just wouldn't run to pick up Tek as your season-long catching solution in any fantasy leagues.

Go sox


comeontek said...

I agree that anything we get outta Tek is gravy, but I'm drinking some of the cool aid right now, I"m hoping for .260, 15 and 70 out of him.
The way this lineup is hitting right now, we'll need everything we can get!

D Vicino said...

comeontek, for RSN's sake...I hope you're right, I really do.

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