Thursday, April 9

Bruins to host Winter Classic at Fenway

(courtesy of the Herald)

News is breaking from the Herald this morning that the Boston Bruins will host the 2010 Winter Classic at Fenway park on January 1, 2010. The opponent has yet to be named, but all we can do is hope/assume they're smart enough to schedule the Canadians. Let's face it, Boston/New York is a great rivalry in most professional sports, but hockey just isn't one of them, get the Canadians in here so we can throw stuff at them from the right field grandstand.

According to the report, the NHL looked at both Gillette and Fenway to host the game, but scheduling conflicts with the Patriots gave Fenway the upper hand. The league was also considering the cities of New York and Philadelphia for the game, but correctly decided on Boston and Fenway Park for this event. The game has yet to be officially announced, but you can bet that those crazy bruins fans are already waiting outside Ticketmaster for seats.

Bruins fans (the real ones)...are just a different breed of people, I respect them, but damn am I scared of them at the same time.


Joe Murph said...

I'm gonna repeat my prediction that the game is against New York. The NHL sees the Boston-NY rivalry elsewhere and salivates, is my guess. They don't need to drum up interest from Montreal, but if they can catch any of that Boston-NY spark, they'll take it.

D Vicino said...

Totally understand the business sense of it, trying to catch the NY/Boston spark...but from a fan perspective, it's gotta be the Canadians. (I feel like Michael Holly doing his "hockey minute" on WEEI).

Wouldn't be surprised at all if they go the NY/Bos route though.

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