Thursday, April 9

Game Three, Much of the Same

(When does this guy hit the free agent market again???)

Stop me if you've heard any of this before......Evan Longoria has a fantastic game against the Red Sox, Dice-K struggles through 5 1/3rd innings, Matt Garza throws a gem in Fenway, and the Sox claw back into the game just enough to keep you focused on ESPN Gamecast instead of real work during an afternoon game.

Don't get me wrong, it's game three of 162, I'm not freaking out, I swear. I'm just saying it feels like we've been here before. The Sox fell to the Rays this afternoon 4-3 at Fenway Park, losing the rubber game of the series. Garza looked to be in the same form as last year's ALCS, going seven strong innings against a lineup that appeared to be a timely hit away from rattling the young pitcher.

One thing is for sure, Evan Longoria is a stud. He's officially gone from star to superstar. Doesn't it just feel like he's going to hit 25 taters against the Red Sox this year? Not sure about you guys, but I'm more concerned with Longoria at the plate than anyone down in pinstripes.

Outside of that, what did we learn today? Not much, like I said, it's game three of 162. One thing is for sure, the WBC MVP continues to frustrate all of Red Sox Nation, let's just hope this frustration translates into an 18-3 season like last year.


Anonymous said...

Can't imagine what it's gonna be like when they've got Upton back.

D Vicino said...

Upton started his rehab today from shoulder surgery...tough to say exactly when he'll be back and how healthy he'll be...regardless they're a better team with him in that lineup. Which is kind of scary.

I don't think he'll put up 08' playoff-type numbers, but he's a threat every time he steps up to the plate as well.

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