Tuesday, April 14

Dice K Shelled

The Dice Man was shelled in the first inning tonight giving up 5 runs on 5 hits and issuing 2 walks. This was after the Sox offense finally showed some signs of life., scoring 3 runs in the top of the 1st.

Jerry Remy just said this, (and I was thinking the same thing after watching Dice K's fastball top out at 89), he's hurt. I wouldn't be surprised if Matsuzaka ends up on the 15 day DL, probably some fall out from the WBC.

We'll see what comes of it in the morning, but Justin Masterson could find himself in the starting rotation after coming in for long relief tonight.


D Vicino said...

"you can never have too much pitching"...

Also, did that double play with Youk falling off the firstbase bag really just happen?? Are we the bad news bears right now? Amazingly frustrated.

Anonymous said...

A well laid out case, Tim. Mirrors what I was thinking.

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