Tuesday, April 14

Beckett Suspended 6 Games

Josh Beckett was suspended 6 games by Major League Baseball today after it was determined he intentionally threw at the head of Bobby Abreu. The suspension effectively means Beckett will miss 1 start unless he appeals the decision, delaying the suspension

I'm not going to sit here and say Beckett was in the right or he is completely innocent, but MLB decided that he intentionally threw at Abreu, how the hell do they know that? Beckett was beginning his motion to home plate when time was called, in that fraction of a second he decided to behead Abreu? I'm not saying it didn't happen, but to say they know is quite a leap.

Beckett was also suspended for aggressive behavior, which I agree that he was aggressive, but there wasn't any kind of violence. Aren't managers aggressive when they argue every call on the field?

In my opinion the entire situation escalated completely out of control because of the Angels behavior. Mike Scioscia was exhibiting more aggressive behavior than Beckett, and he only got fined along with Torri Hunter and Justin Speier.

I haven't taken the time to find out who Justin Speier is yet, but I hope Beckett drills him in the back next time these two teams tango, he was screaming like a mad man. If someone of the Sox laid out Speier I think they would be doing MLB a service, what an ass clown.

Maybe MLB is putting their foot down to make a point, they won't tolerate this crap when these two teams meet up again. I think if you want to fine Beckett that's one thing, but a suspension seems a little over board.

Of course I imagine everyone in Anaheim/Los Angeles disagrees with me on this, either way I can't wait until these teams meet up again, May 12th in Anaheim for a 3 game series for those who are curious.


Joe Murph said...

I agree that it's sort of silly for MLB to say that the throw was on purpose, but I can see a one-game suspension for approaching the batter the way he did.

Soxin09' said...

Complete bullshit if you ask me.

DVicino said...

It just seems too subjective to me. Beckett is going to appeal, which may result in changes to the amount of rest other pitchers will get (if he had accepted it, he would have been eligible to return April 21st, the off day on Thursday would have allowed everyone besides Beckett to stay on their normal rest). I guess we'll see.

...The Dice man tonight, get ready for a game that goes until 2am EST...

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