Saturday, April 18

Lowrie's Doctors, Lugo's Progress

A quick update on the shortstop situation:

Lowrie will head to Arizona tomorrow to visit Dr. Donald Sheridan. This is Lowrie's fourth opinion on the matter, and will likely be the final say. The options are the same: injections and short rehab; minor surgery, short rehab; complete surgery, season ending. At the moment, Lowrie is going with the injections, but seems resigned to the idea that surgery may very well be necessary. We should know in the coming days.

On a more optimistic note, Julio Lugo is up to playing three innings in extended spring training games. Lugo took five at bats yesterday, slapping a double and scoring subsequent, all without any apparent strain to the knee. No word on the official timetable for his return, but the club seems encouraged.

In the meantime, Mean Nick Green has proven himself able. We'll just hope that by the time scouts find his "Ellsbury pitch," Lugo or Lowrie will be ready to go.

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