Monday, April 27

Morning Brew, NY House Blend

Another look at the NY headlines, after a weekend of fun at Fenway. Enjoy.

NY Post - Girardi's Gang Whiffs in Real Fenway Flop. (Really, Post? You think "Girardi's Gang" is gonna stick? Really?)

NY Post - Ellsbury Steals the Spotlight

NY Post - Nady and Marte Making Pirate Swap Look Like Fl0p. (A pretty quick reversal on NY's love affair with Xavier Nady. They've moved on to a new obsession, buddy - pirates. The NY Post will now connect any and all headlines to pirates. "Swine Flu Ineffective Against Somalian Pirates, who keep Halal.")

NY Post - Yankees Beat Indians on Posada Home Run. (Seriously, that ran for a while this morning, a reference to last Thursday's 7-3 Yankees' victory over Cleveland. Probably an accident, the headline didn't stay up long. Or maybe just a brief nostalgic whimsy, a look back to better times.)

NY Times - With Display of Power and Guile, the Red Sox Sweep Aside the Yankees. (A clear sign, in addition to the use of 'guile' that the NY Times sports section is out of touch - the use of definite articles. Who does that?)

NY Daily News - Sox Steal Yankee Pride (I like this one--crisp, to the point.)

NY Daily News - Larceny is Grand for Ellsbury (This one not so much. I really prefer the Post punsters to the Daily News guys.)

(Maybe more interesting in the Daily News is the real absence of Yankees articles today. It's all Mark Sanchez all the time. Also, the Jayson Williams tasering probably didn't help save ink space, either. Boston sweeps do not sell papers, apparently. Who says this industry has no sense?)

AM New York: Ugly Betty Shoots at Citi Field. (Frankly, unless she's got Traveling Pants, I'm not paying attention.)

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