Sunday, April 26

Sox Outslug the Yanks While Fan Knits. Unreal.

The Red Sox slugged their way to a 16-11 victory over the hated Yankees yesterday. It was an amazing game and a great day to be at the ball park. There were so many reasons to cheer, boo, swear, and high five random people as a result of the back and forth slug fest......and then there is this lady who was sitting in front of me. Not only is wearing a tie-dyed shirt (didn't the world decide to burn all of those after 1994?), but she is KNITTING! I couldn't believe it, here I am, screaming at Robinson Cano, fully infatuated with the greatest rivalry in sports....and this lady is knitting away, not watching the game. There was not a peep out of this lady the entire game, I mean, Mike Lowell goes deep close and late, and I'm running down the row high fiving anyone withing reaching distance....and she continues to knit.

This is what's wrong with Fenway park and some "fans". Security should be instructed to search for these people and throw them out onto Yawky way. Bring in the real fans who can't afford the seats, or the beer, but will give the Yankees and their fans hell for 9 straight innings. I went to Yankee stadium a few years back, and everyone wanted to fight me because of my Red Sox shirt, most Yankee fans yesterday walked and cheered freely in enemy territory....I blame this lady.
Go Sox.


realfansdontknit said...

That's terrible,talk about making sox fans look bad.

"Friendly Fenway" all the way.

Tom said...

We were there also yesterday w/ more Yankee fans than I prefer to see in "our house" around us. And as one of the other Sox fans w/ you at the stadium, I agree we were treated far worse for wearing our shirts than the many fans I saw yesterday walking freely without ridicule.The security personnel who saw this lady's knitting kneedles and yarn and let her in should be fired on principle.Who buys a ticket to the greatest rivalry in sports and decides to not watch it? What the hell was she making anyway?

DVicino said...

Didn't realize you were at the game Tom...i'm sure you enjoyed it. I'm not sure what she was making, but regardless I should have snatched it out of her hands and lit it on fire.

Granted we weren't in the bleachers, but Yankee fans were treated like kings in comparsion to us in NYC....I did my best, but one man can only do so much.

Joe Murph said...

I admit it's weird, but I kind of like the knitting. Strikes me as something you'd see at old-timey games. Women knitting, old men keeping score, a day at the park. I like it.

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