Tuesday, April 14

Sox Lose Again, Globe Officially Jinxes Our Hopes

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, thinking about the upcoming two series against the Athletics and Orioles and thought to myself "we'll turn it around and go 5-2".... We'll I'm glad I didn't share this prediction with anyone. While a 5-2 trip is still possible, the Red Sox don't look like they could be the Pirates right now.

Last night, Jon Lester was far from the "stopper" we all came to know and expect last year. He struggled through 6 innings in an eventual 8-2 loss to Oakland. The lefty was leaving pitches high and catching too much of the plate....which is a formula that yields taters. Although, I guess it could be worse, we could be dealing with Chien-Ming Wang. I mean Christ (it's after Easter/Lent, I can say that), our old buddy Nomar even took Lester deep....and then welcomed the idea of someday returning to Boston (if he doesn't retire)....come on Nomar, you and I both know that Mia would let you step foot in Boston again. Youk was again the lone offensive bright spot for the Sox, hitting a solo shot and adding a double, but it's a team game and he can't win by himself. The Sox are now 2-5, their worst start since 1996, and it's been much of the same over the first 7 games; inconsistent pitching and a flat lineup (save for Youk) that seems to max out at 3 runs a game (currently averaging just over that).

To make matters worse, the Globe officially jinxed all of Boston sports for 2009. Why would they do that? Who decided this was a good idea to run this article??? Talk about bad luck, thanks Globe, with articles like that maybe going out of business is best for Boston sports.

Forgive me if this post is overly pessimistic, grad school is pissing me off lately, and the Sox are not helping.

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