Friday, April 24

Sox Win an Instant Classic Against the Yanks

Sox/Yanks, game one of extra inning instant classic, so many great plays, such an exciting game, and ITM kept a running log throughout...

Game Log

Early going...

  • Lester looks strong through two, great mix of off-speed stuff (you can see his increasing confidence in the change up, using it late in counts now).
  • My buddy Pat is right, Jason Bay does looks like ITM's own Tim Murphy.
  • Mike Lowell, saving at least a run with complete disregard for his hip...diving down the line to make a great stab....surprised he could even get up, that's great sign, no inhibitions.
  • Joba has looked rattled at times, mainly by Jacoby on the base paths, he still gets out of it. Sox bats look anxious with RISP.
  • I'm a little disappointed with the boos for Teixeira, they're loud, but not as loud as I hoped for.....I'm talking, I want old Garden loud.

Middle innings

  • All we do is leave the bases loaded!!!, 4 double play balls with RISD, can't be serious.
  • JD, can't make a tough play on a Jeter fly ball, runs into the wall, surprisingly he's not hurt. I can hear Tim Murphy screaming "disabled list" from here.
  • No timely hitting again, I feel like we've left 19 guys on base.
  • Oki....make up your mind on what kind of pitcher you're going to're like a chick who is hot one day with make up, then mediocre the next without it.
  • Ortiz continues to look terrible, he's clearly forcing it.
  • Given our winning streak, this would be a deflating game to lose.


  • ITM Gal says "maybe Jason Bay will hit a home run"....then BOMB!....that's why I'm marrying her. Let the phone calls and screaming like little girls begin. Tie Game!
  • Jason Bay, a run-saving catch earlier today, now a game-saving tater...LOCK HIM UP!!!
  • Mo has 12 blown saves against the Sox, are we the only team that hits him?


  • PEDROIA!!!...saves the go ahead run from scoring in the 10th...followed by a fist pump and scream of "let's $%&ing go!" Looked very similar to the play where he saved Clay's no hitter back in 07'.
  • Of course it comes down to Pap vs we walk/intentionally stay away from him??....guess not.
  • Why are we giving Damon second base? Base hit scores two now....
  • HIGH HEAT, down goes Tex!.....see how much Pap poured??
  • I just stung the hell out of ITM Gal's hand with a violent high five...


  • I hate the Yankees suck chant, wish it was never created.

  • Fitting that game one of 18 is a long one...I'm dragging ass.
  • The new Bruins ads are fantastic. Great stuff.
  • Big double play to end the top half of the inning, Pedey having a big day out in the field
  • I've never heard of most of the guys in this Yankees bullpen.

  • Would Ortiz bat third in a slow pitch softball league right now??? Frustrating beyond belief.

  • YOUUUUUKKKKK! WALK OFF!!! No doubt about it, over everything!!! Game over...

  • Thank god, I'm beat. I'll be going to tomorrow's game..which I'm even more excited after tonight's sweet victory.

"Boston you're my home"


Joe Murph said...

Great game, great log. Seems like ages ago that Lester and Joba were in there pitching. And I'm just gonna say for the record that if Youk didn't put it out, JD Drew absolutely would have. That man was locked in. It was either gonna be a home run or a really, really closely watched strike out. Hell of a game.

Anonymous said...

Great commentary. Love the enthusiasm. Stung the hell..., you promised you would never hurt her!
Back to the sox game4\25, if lowell didn't get his hands inside and the head out, that pitch would have hit him instead of going out of the pahk! Sox are the only team to put so many blemishes on the career of riveira... still the best ever.Don't give up on ortiz, think clutch. Last 2 games have been incredible. LOTS TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

DVicino said...


I'm trying to keep the faith with Ortiz, I really am...but he's not making it easy.

He's clearly late getting the bat head through the zone. His stance has chnaged some from years past, he's not starting with a high stride as the pitch approaches, instead it seems like he's just barely picking it off the ground and putting it right back down. They're clearly working with him, but are still waiting on the results.

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