Saturday, April 25

Morning Brew, NY House Blend

A few quotes from the NY papers to start off your morning:

NY Daily News, Mike Lupica: "This was an April loss, 16th game of a real long season, 17 more regular-season games between the Red Sox and the Yankees to come. Only a big game because it was the first time Boston and New York were playing one for real in '09. Plenty of guys had knocked Mo out in the final round. Nobody ever hit him harder than Bay did Friday night. You couldn't believe the way the ball sounded coming of his bat and you couldn't believe where it landed."

NY Daily News, John Harper: "In his first taste of The Rivalry, Mark Teixeira had his chance to put a memorable imprint on all things Yankees-Red Sox and officially become the player Red Sox Nation loves to hate most. Well, until Alex Rodriguez comes back anyway...Instead Teixeira will remember his strikeout against Jonathan Papelbon with runners at first and third and two outs in the 10th as a failed opportunity to shut the fans up and perhaps pull out a victory for the Yankees.

NY Post, Mike Vaccaro: "'You give me any game where we have a lead and we have Mo on the mound,' Johnny Damon said, 'and I'll take it. I'll take it every time.' Almost every one of the 38,163 people inside Fenway Park knew that, too, and even so, they were on their feet, ignoring the odds. This is a city brimming with confidence after all, a city housing dynastic football and baseball teams, and the defending NBA champions, and even an out-of-nowhere favorite for the Stanley Cup. The people expect good things here -- even when they have no right to expect them."

ed. note---An altogether unpleasant night for the Yanks: Brian Bruney, their current setup man (had retired 22 in a row coming into last night) was sent back to NY for tests on his elbow; Cody Ransom, A-Rod's replacements, was immediately placed on the DL after doing something to his quadricep sliding into second last night; and Chien-Ming Wang was officially placed on the DL with a hip problem. The Yanks have activated David Robertson from AAA, and likely Phil Hughes, who is 3-0 with an ERA below 2 this year in AAA, will take Wang's spot in the rotation. Still, a disconcerting night for the Yanks on all grounds.

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D Vicino said...

Last night's victory was sweet, but there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and reading these headlines. Love it.

Game two today, I'm there.

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