Friday, June 19


(I've got it on good authority that that's real slang in the D.R. - I didn't just make it up for the convenience of this headline.)

Pedro Martinez is throwing for scouts from several M.L.B. clubs today in the Dominican Republic. So far, the Rays and Cubs have been thought to be the most interested potential suitors. Moreno's Angels have also joined the fray. But there's rumored to be a surprise guest at today's demonstration.

Word in New York is that the Yankees will also be sending their man in Santo Domingo to watch. No one knows whether there is real interest from the squad - although their starting pitching has struggled at times, they have plenty of numbers for the rotation (think Phil Hughes trying to force his way back in a la Clay Buchholz). Some think that the Yankees are merely attending to appease Fern Cuza, agent to Pedro and Mariano. New York City hasn't had much luck with Pedro, but if he can flash any of the old stuff, the Yankees would no doubt love to have his piss and vinegar on their side for a change.

More on this story when (if) it develops.

Update (12:01 pm): Here's how John Heyman handicaps the Pedro suitors in today's Daily Scoop: 1. Cubs, 2. Angels, 3. Dodgers, 4. Rays, 5. Mets, 6. Yankees.


D Vicino said...

Sadly, I think i'd love to see Pedro jump on with the Rays or Yanks....bring him to Fenway and Jay-Bay will tater all over him.

That said, watching the current Pedro is almost like watching MJ with Washington...just not the same and it's sad to see such a great talent get older and hang on too long.

Anonymous said...

I think you're assuming too many polyglots in your fan base? that a "tomorrow/yankee" kind of translation?Please dumb-it-down a little for us.

Joe Murph said...

Dominiyanqui = someone from the D.R. who lives in the U.S., usually someone who goes back to the island often.

Joe Murph said...

But I like the 'domani' reference. "Let's forget about domani."

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