Saturday, June 20

Let's Hope It's Physical and Not Mental

I didn't see every pitch, but I certainly saw enough of Dice-K last night to hope that there is something physically wrong with him. At 28, we're certainly not scared of him being on the decline, which leaves us to wonder if it's physical or mental. We should consider ourselves lucky if it's only a case of tired arm or a shoulder strain. However if Dice-K is pulling a Dontrelle Willis, where it's a mental case, the Sox will take heat for the huge investment they made in the Japanese god of full counts.

Was it me, or did he appear to be short-arming some pitches, resulting in a lack of velocity and many balls to dive low and away? (juuuust a bit outside...all night) Hopefully he's over-thinking his mechanics and a trip to Pawtucket will go a long way in bringing him back to form.

However, combine a potential mental issue with the whole Japanese thing and forget it, John Farrell would rank just behind the South Koreans in the last people I would want to trade places with poll.

One thing is for sure, Dice-k needs to be open to a full evaluation and a possible trip to either triple A, or the DL. At least he appears to know he's been terrible..."If I keep going like this, I have no right to be a part of this rotation"....Damn straight Dice-K...because in your most important start of the year you just made the decision to keep Penny and Smotlz in the rotation an easy one.

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Anonymous said...

If they want to say the WBC did not ruin the beginning of the season for DK, I'm not buying it. Pitchers need a regimen to develop a base for a 162 game season. He had a base for a short series and came back and could not build his stamina as well as his pitch repetoire in his shortened spring training. He is not physically ready, injury or not, which WILL lead to psychological issues. Let him go get ready for the MLB season and !#%&! Japan in the next WBC. They didn't pay 103Mil.
Steve Rumbolt

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