Wednesday, June 10

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Here's the scuttlebut from the city that never sleeps. (Yeah, I saw Guys and Dolls before it closed. So what? No dizzy dame is gonna tell me how to write a blog post. This is New York. I'll say scuttlebutt all I want.)

NY Post, AJ Awful. This article has an interesting bend, focusing on Girardi's taking the blame for Burnett's disasterous performance. "Girardi said his re-arranging of the Yankees' rotation to get Chien-Ming Wang a start last week, and a rainout Friday resulted in Burnett having to work on six days' rest. 'I tried to change the rotation,' Girardi said after the Red Sox pounded Burnett on the way to a 7-0 win in front of 37,883 at Fenway Park. 'I will take the blame for that.'" If I were Girardi right now, I'd be wary of getting into the habit of pointing out my flaws. They have been numerous so far this season. He shouldn't let himself get lulled to sleep on this winning streak. Despite the record, I know many loyal and informed Yankees fans who are getting real fed up with Girardi's gametime decision-making.

NY Post, Vintage Beckett Sox it to Yanks.

NY Post, Would-be Sox killer A.J. Burnett has pie on his face. This sounds like a turn of the century rag paper headline, doesn't it? Extrey extrey, read all about it, Yanks get pie on face. Big Willie Bryant tells Congress Gold Standard or Bust! Extrey extrey.

NY Daily News, A.J. gets pie in the face. Okay, seriously, New York? What's with the pies?

NY Daily News, Deep-Sixed, Bombers fall to Bosox again

NY Daily News, Yanks struggles with Sox may be mental. Good article to read if you're in the mood to pile it on the Yankees this morning. "It had the feel of one giant shoulder shrug meant as a compliment toward Beckett. Their recent hot streak buys them a night like this, at least everyone except Burnett, but not another one. They need to win tonight or officially lay down on the couch for some Red Sox therapy." Also gives the impression that if the Yanks re-jiggering of the rotation to get Wang a start doesn't go well tonight, there's going to be hell to pay tomorrow.

Pinstripe Alley, Around the Yankee Universe, paging the AJ we paid for edition

AM New York, Shorter Walls to blame for Yankee Stadium home run derby, report. This is seriously headline news in every New York paper today. I just liked the AM New York headline in particular since it so clearly states the obviousness of the conclusion. Some engineer-consulting firm got paid a lot of money to tell the Yankees that the reason more home runs are being hit in their new park is that the walls are shorter. Read that again. Man, I'm in the wrong racket.

And, always my favorite, the Old Grey Lady, who never disappoints...

NY Times, Teixeira Altered Dynamics of Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry. The New York Times, always with its finger on the baseball world's pulse, published a bizarrely-timed article this morning. The gist of it you can get from the headline - with Teixeira, the Yanks have a real edge over the Sox. Typical quotes from the story: "If the Red Sox had increased their offer, perhaps Teixeira would be doing that damage for them." Or how about this one: “'Mark Teixeira is our machine.' [said Nick Swisher.] Now that machine looms as a repetitive headache for the Red Sox." (And just to confirm, the article does include the numbers from last night's game. This was not published in the lead-up to this series.) The Yanks are now 0-6 against the Sox since the Teixeira signing. Teixeira is 5 for 21 against the Sox. I'm not saying he isn't having an excellent year. I'm not saying he's not going to do damage to the Sox. I'm just saying that the New York Times sports section is the most oblivious operation in the industry.

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Soxin09' said...

I'm not sure who is dumber, Swisher or Damon. Either way, neither of them could touch Beckett and that's all that matters.

I hope the rain stays away tonight and the Red Sox pound away at Wang, sending NY into a complete frenzy.

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