Wednesday, June 10

Please, Please Tell Me This is a Joke.....

Today was going well, after reading Joe Murph's post this morning about the frenzy that is the New York media, I was truly happy. The Sox are 6-0 and ripping apart the Yanks this year, Beckett has truly returned to 2007 form, and to cap it off, Ortiz crushed a tater to dead center on a night where the ball was traveling like it was full of lead as a result of the weather. Things were looking up Milhouse.

That is until I started reading some of the articles about how Ramiro Torres (you know, Jamin' 94.5's "freakin Puerto Rican") is slated to join NESN's post game show. Can this be serious? Is NESN that worried about its 14% dip in viewership that it is making irrational decisions in an attempt to build a following among Latinos (because we all know Latinos hate baseball and never watch).

I'm honestly praying this is a joke...maybe some kind of new jam scam they're trying out on the radio station? I put up with Jack Welch, but I can't deal with a gangsta radio DJ with no baseball career or background.

How will him and Jim Rice ever be able to understand each other?? My god I think I'd rather see Glenn Ordway on there.

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