Thursday, June 11

Morning Brew, NY House Blend

Morning wrap up from New York, New York, the town so nice we beat it twice.

NY Post - This Sox! (I like this headline, but it kind of takes a second right? You understand right away that there's a wordplay, and it's not even like you have to think about it really, there's just a bit of a pause.)

NY Post - Youkilis, Bay Spark BoSox. "In many ways Bay is the opposite of Alex Rodriguez. He's certainly the less controversial of cleanup hitters. No one wants to do a book on Bay. Just write his name in the lineup and watch him produce." Note this, though - sales of the A-Rod book have been woefully disappointing. Apparently the first edition was about 160,000 copies, and so far they've sold only 15,000. That's a pretty crazy overestimation on an edition.)

NY Post - Boston's Pen Edge is No Bull.

NY Post - Eight Men Out Sequel Keeps Bombers Scoreless vs. Rivals. (Okay, this headline is just terrible. You can't make a baseball reference (the 1988 Black Sox flick) that has nothing to do with what you mean to signify here. It would be fine if Eight Men Out were just a common saying with no baseball significance. But as is, this thing is all messed up.) "Ten minutes after the latest loss to the Red Sox, Joe Girardi said he needed a night's sleep to decide if Chien-Ming Wang will start Tuesday. After watching Wang pitch with the command of a 4-year-old playing pin the tale on the donkey, Girardi likely tossed and turned into the small hours of this morning."

NY Post - Chien Ming Wang Must be Purged from Rotation. ('Purged?' Really? You really wanna bring up the Steinbrenner - Stalin analogy?) "[Y]esterday they tempted fate by sending out the man who can't win against the team they can't beat. The end result, therefore, was as big a surprise as the sun rising this morning."

NY Daily News - Wang Shouldn't be Sunk. "Still, once the emotion wears off Girardi needs to do the right thing and give Wang another chance. It was the Yankees who panicked and rushed him back to the majors when they were worried about Joba Chamberlain taking a ball off the knee, and if they give up on him now, well, what was the point? And it was Girardi who re-configured his starting rotation to put Wang into a spot where he had to face the Sox here at Fenway Park in his second start back from oblivion - not the ideal path to renewed success." (This is my favorite article of the day. Thoughtful and realistic. You just can't give up on a 19 game winner, especially when you just rushed him back from his minor-league starts and had him on strict pitch counts. That is not the time you throw him overboard.)

NY Daily News - Woe for Seven, Yanks can't solve Sox. (Nice job. Daily News wins the day's headlines.)

NY Daily News - Papelbon Heats Up, but Pedroia Saves Sox. (Yes, it was a nice, play, and yes the situation is different if there's a runner on third with one out, but the play was directly followed by a strike out and a pop out.)

NY Times - Wakefield Takes Aim at All-Star Game. (Kind of interesting. Well done, Times. I hadn't really heard much buzz about this, but Wakefield is up there with Halladay and Greinke, I guess, when you look at the win totals. ERA isn't great, but not too bad. Is this really possible? Apparently Wake is thinking about it.) "It would be huge,” Wakefield said. “It’s one thing that you want in a career is to make an All-Star team. We’ve won two World Series. Just add it to the list of things that you say you’ve accomplished in your career. Obviously, it would be nice to make a team, and, hopefully, I can continue to pitch the way I’ve been pitching and finally make one after 14, 15 years."

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