Sunday, June 21

Sunday Night Takeaways

Just thought I'd share a few quick takeaways on my mind as I get ready to wrap up another blur of a weekend:

-Anyone else think that Nick Green looks just like Wes Welker? Seriously, google image it.

-Walk off celebrations are the best. There is nothing like it, especially for the Red Sox. Since 2004 it has turned into a chance to absolutely pound on the guy who just won the game for you. Today for example saw Youk, Dusty, and even Mike Lowell throwing punches at Greenie after crossing the plate. I love it. (also, not sure if you saw it, but on their way out of the dugout to meet Green, Youk whacked Dusty in the back of the head just's like someone hits a walk off and they can get away with beating on anyone).

-Isn't it amazing how you really can't have too much pitching? Dice-K appears to be shelved for an extended period of time. You gotta think that something will happen over the next few weeks that will require Buchholz to come up from Pawtucket as well. That's just how things work.

-Papelbon continues to annoy me. Not only has he not pitched a clean 9th since Nam', he stomped his feet and yelled at the umpire on his way off the mound after loading the bases. Sure it was a close call that could have easily been called a strike, but the next thing you know Papelbon will be holding his breath threatening to tell mom.

-Ortiz crushed one to the opposite field today.....a great sign. Combine that with the fact the terrible weather conditions and you've got to be excited for Ortiz. Of course I didn't start him in my fantasy league, dumb.

-Ramon Ramirez is getting racked around lately. I don't think it's a result of overuse or the word of the week "fatigued", but something is definitely up with Ramon. He's gone from absolutely lights out to always finding too much of the plate. I'm assuming he'll be taking Youk out for dinner since he saved his ass in the 7th today.

-The weekend concludes with the Sox now 4 full games up on the Yanks in the AL East (assuming the Yanks "protest" doesn't pan out). There is something calming about being 4 games up as opposed to 3. I'm sure it's all in my head, but 4 seems like an actual division lead....and with the Nationals up next, that lead shouldn't diminish.


Soxin09' said...

Never noticed it but Nick Green does look a lot like Wes Welker. To be honest though, I don't care what he looks like if he keeps this up. Between Lowrie coming back in a few weeks and Green, Julio Lugo should never see the field again.

D Vicino said...

Turns out, Nick Green has a twin brother. Interesting....

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