Tuesday, July 7

Are You Picking Up What John Smoltz is Putting Down?

John Smoltz certainly knows more about the game of baseball than I do, I would never question that. However I am starting to question his constant optimism after some difficult starts. Sure, he's only 3 games into his Red Sox pitching career, but after last night's struggle against a weak-hitting A's lineup, I was surprised to see the positive statements continue from the future hall of famer....

"I went back and watched the whole game again and I'm still shaking my head on some of the hits and some of the plays. Some of the pitches that I didn't think should have gotten hit, and they found holes. ... What I hate more than anything is two-out runs. But I felt in control. I threw the ball really well. I didn't have much to show for it tonight, but as mad as I get, I have to make sure to realize I'm making a lot of progress even though the results don't look like that."

So allowing 13 base runners over 6 innings to the Oakland A's is a good thing? Smoltz wasn't exactly hitting his spots last night, especially with his breaking stuff....clearly he's battling the combination of old age and rust, at least he expects to be better....

"I've given up all two-out runs except one or two, and that has to change. I'm going to look and see if there are any trends. I don't think I have to be perfect. I haven't pitched away from my fastball or contact. I'm almost there."

Would I be writing this quick post if the Sox had won in a high-scoring game last night? Maybe, maybe not. I guess I continue to trust John Smoltz, but perhaps I want to see him kick a water cooler or two....maybe sever Julio Lugo's arm so he can't launch balls into the stands....something to show he's pissed off and expects better.

Thankfully Josh Beckett looks to pick up the pieces tonight. After losing two of three to the Mariners and making a 21 year old kid look like Cy Young last night, the local nine need to get their collective asses in gear. Go Sox.


Anonymous said...

Are we ready to sit Smoltz and call up Buchholz already? Geez, short lesh.

DVicino said...

By no means was I calling for Smoltz to be benched in favor of Buchholz....far too early for that, especially when you're dealing with a guy of his status.

Do I have concerns about Smoltz's 0-2 and 6.00 era, sure. Am I ready to rush to an irrational decision after only three starts? No way. He deserves the benefit of the doubt for some time.

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