Monday, July 6

Nomar Loves You

The fourth of July is over and done with, so it's back to work and focusing on the second half of the season. We all know Nomah is coming to town tonight for the first time since long as he doesn't blow out his hammy climbing up the dugout steps, he should receive a warm reception...

Nomah recently sat down with a San Francisco writer and discussed both is time in Boston and the fans....try not to shed a tear:

"I got my ring for that. I was cheering them on and rooting for them," said a smiling Garciaparra, who will be playing at Fenway Park for the first time as an opposing player.

"I was just as much a part of that as anything, although I might not have been there. No one knows all the phone calls I got during it and everything, and that was great. I was calling them back multiple times. The whole thing was to win one for the city. I felt every bit a part of it."

Five years later, Nomar returns, and guess what, he's banged up. His calf issue will likely limit him to one game in the field and keep him available to be a designated hitter or pinch hitter in the other games.

Asked if he thought he'd get a positive reception from Red Sox fans, Garciaparra said, "I would hope so. I always loved them and appreciated them. They were great to me, and I gave them everything I had there, for sure."

Also, does this confirm that no one can actually write in the city of Oakland? I know San Fran is a rock's throw away and everything, but wouldn't you think a hometown guy would get this story....or at least someone who covers the American League??

Welcome back Nomah and good luck, but we'll never forgive you for taking that SI photo....


Soxin09' said...

As good as watching Nomah come back to Fenway was, I wasn't a fan of him going 2 for 4 while our bats were completely silent. Frustrating!

D Vicino said...

I share your frustration. Not a single Red Sox is batting over .300 at this point....with Jay Bay and Youk leading the charge with averages in the low 200's since June 1st.

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