Thursday, July 2

Lugo Admits The Truth

The guy almost every member of Red Sox nation loves to hate, Julio Lugo may have actually earned back a few fans with his game-winning hit last night. However that didn't stop him from admitting something we've all known for a long time....he's been a complete bust in Boston.....

"No, it hasn’t," he said late yesterday afternoon in regards to things working out in a Boston uniform....

"I thought it would work, but that’s not where we are," ........ "But one thing I am not going to do is throw a log on the fire. It’s just the way it is right now and I have to deal with it."

Julio Lugo has achieved a complete vote of no confidence from Red Sox fans, despite showing signs of life at the plate in limited time. Perhaps if he didn't launch every other ball hit to him into the stands, or get paid about 87 times more than his market value, or live up to any of the irrationally high expectations from team management, he might have a few more fans here in the rain capital of the world.

But with Lowrie managing to get hurt in his rehab start, we may have to live with a little more Lugo than expected. Is it possible he can swing his way out from under the cloud of hate? I'm going with no, but he may be slowly gaining some steam.

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