Friday, July 31

Nostra Culpa

The Murphy boys would not be surprised if we are on the 2003 list. We're not saying we used steroids. We're not saying we didn't. We're just saying we would not be surprised if we are on the 2003 list. It's deadline day and it's always good to ride the waive of a big news cycle, so we're just putting it out there.

In our defense, those were wild times. Like Bronson Arroyo said today (, "before 2004, none of us paid any attention to anything we took." Arroyo said he was taking andro, but heard at some point that it might be laced with steroids due to lax production standards. All he knew for sure was that, "andro made me feel great, I felt like a monster, I felt like I could jump and hit my head on the basketball rim."

Same goes for any number of other products. Doritos, milk, commercial-grade syringes. We just can't say. We weren't paying attention and there were lax production standards back then. Those freeze-pop things that stained your lips purple? We can't say for sure whether those were laced with Mexican Meth or not. All we can say is they made us feel like we could hit our heads on basketball rims. And that's what mattered back then.

And you've got to remember, everyone was doing it. It wasn't just David Ortiz, Bronson Arroyo, then-Presidential candidate John Kerry, and the Murphy boys. It wasn't even just Massachusetts. We used to visit the Shaker Heights Murphys every 4th of July and they were doing some crazy freeze-pops, too. There is absolutely no way to know what was in those things. So we're just saying, we would not be surprised if this has something to do the with the Catholic priest scandal that was going on back then. Production standards were extremely, extremely lax. Nothing would surprise us.

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