Friday, July 31

It's the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

Just hours are left on the MLB trade deadline clock, it's Friday, it's is a tough day to be productive. It's also one of the best days of the year in my book. Personally, I can't get enough of the trade rumors, expected deals, made up stories, and frank talk that goes on today. It's a baseball fan's second coming of Christmas and I love it.

We all know the names by now, Adrian, Halladay, or just a few hours from now we could all be giggling like school girls if we land one of the studs just mentioned....or screaming in anger that we sold off the farm....or convincing ourselves that making no move was the best move and this team is capable of winning it all as is. I love it.

I'm going to throw it out there and predict we end up with Adrian...a 27 year old stud who has caught fire over the past week or two before the deadline (and possibly driving his price tag up). He knows he needs to get out of the NL and San Diego in order to be taken seriously as a ball player, so what better place than Boston? If the Sox lineup hadn't fallen off the face of the earth over the past month and a half, I'd likely predict otherwise.

I'm not saying that would be my choice (Halladay), but that is what my gut is telling me this morning. So hold your breath....refresh your "go to" sporting news Web site every 7 seconds, and hope Theo provides Red Sox Nation with something to be excited about going into the weekend, and down the home stretch.

In Theo we trust. Go Sox.

1 comment:

Soxin09' said...

Let the crazy stories and 3:59pm phone calls begin!

I don't think I want Gonzales, I'd much rather push for Halladay.

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