Thursday, July 23

Perhaps Some Optimism?

It's been a tough day in Boston....the Sox are playing like they would lose a series to the Lowell Spinners, the weather is terrible, and it's not the weekend. I happened to be looking into the Adam LaRoche signing in greater detail, and came across his second half of the season numbers (post July)

2006: .324 AVG 53 R 19 HR 50 RBI

2007: .321 AVG 40 R 11 HR 43 RBI

2008: .321 AVG 34 R 17 HR 51 RBI

It certainly appears to be an upgrade over Mark Kotsay. The 29 year old, will most likely play first against against right handed pitchers, while Youk moves to third since Mike Lowell will need the rest and fairs well against south paws. Tough to argue with the apparent logic there. It's a small move that could pay large dividends....especially given those second half numbers.

Now all we need is to come up with a good nick name for this guy...

There, that was my attempt at optimism. I'm done for the day.

1 comment:

TradeDrew said...

Great 2nd half numbers, but it'll be tough to get him enough bats to replicate that production. He'll likely be in there tonight, but good luck to Tito figuring it all out.

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