Sunday, July 26

Someone Put This Lineup On Their Back

It looks like the Red Sox sure could use a Jim Rice-like bat in their lineup these days......The day after a partial offensive breakout at Fenway Park, the Sox again looked lifeless at the plate, losing to the O's and yet another rookie pitcher 6-2.

The game of baseball is a marathon not a sprint, we hear Tito say that all the time, but Red Sox Nation can't help but be concerned with the prolonged offensive slump. Personally, I'm looking to someone in the middle of the lineup to put this team on their back and carry them until either Theo is able to bring in more firepower, or this offense decides to wake up.

Jason Bay has been all but dead since June 1 (pretty sure he's batting negative .120 since then). David Ortiz has been anything but dependable all season, Youk has been surprisingly inconsistent, JD is making 14 million dollars while batting .235, and Mike Lowell tosses in a few doubles here and there to keep his head above water, but timely production from the middle of this lineup has fallen off the table.

Jacoby is settling back into the lead off spot nicely, Pedroia can only do so much out of the two hole, and we surely can't expect Tek or Lowrie to pull this team out of it. Sure, baseball is a cyclicle game, everyone goes through slumps, but a team-wide slump like this is tough to swallow.

Boston's 3-6 hitters are dropping the ball and this division is simply too good to suffer through rough spots like this for much longer. Perhaps that's why it appears the Sox are looking outside of the organization for an offensive jump start. There appears to be numerous issues for Theo to work through in order to pull off the deal, but the fact that he continues to call the Padres shows limited confidence in the current lineup.

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